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The cool web stuff in local government wiki





Silly name, but a serious website. Well, kind of serious. This wiki is a repository of cool tricks that some local authorities are doing with their web stuff, whether internally or externally. Feel free to add content to here, just hit 'edit' and use the password l0calg0v (yes, those are zeros) when requested. Find out more here.


At the moment there isn't too much content, though as it builds up we will need to make decisions about how it's presented. At the moment here is a bulleted list below of all the authorities that are doing interesting stuff online. Just click each one and find out exactly what they are up to.


The councils



Please add your council to this list, and create a page of all the good work you are doing!


Find stuff by service


Other than browsing through what each council is doing, you can also browse by what the services are that they are using. This is done by tagging each Council's page with the names of the tools they are employing. Have a look at the tag page and you'll see what I'm on about.

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